About Us

The Midland Figure Skating Club (MFSC) was officially formed in September 1, 1955. At that time, we had only one outdoor artificial rink, but many brave skaters were found on the ice all winter long.

In 1975, two sheets of ice were enclosed, and the new Midland Civic Arena was established. Skating was then available for all but three months each year, and it was MUCH warmer!

Today, we have ice available year round in the 3-rink, 107,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art Midland Civic Arena that opened its doors in September 2005 thanks to the hard work of Fast Ice (to which MFSC is a proud member), the City of Midland, and many generous donors.

Mission of the Club

 The goal of the Midland Figure Skating Club (MFSC) is to serve the Midland-Bay City-Saginaw region by providing access to training in the sport and art of figure skating. MFSC strives to provide a complete program of skating, including recreational skating, training for U.S. Figure Skating (USFS) tests and non-qualifying competitions, and coaching for skaters who wish to prepare for qualifying competition with the potential of progressing to National, World and Olympic events.

  • Add highly-skilled, experienced professional coaches to its staff as the number of skaters and programs grow.
  • Work to expand available ice times for all levels of training.
  • Provide skating programs for skaters of all ages and all levels of skill.
  • Maintain a presence in the community of skating clubs, both locally in Michigan and nationally.
  • Host USFS-sanctioned competitions from time to time to bring the wider world of figure skating to the Tri-Cities area.
  • Take a proactive stance with respect to the building and maintenance of appropriate facilities for training in figure skating, hosting competitions and attracting ice shows and other skating events to the area.