Memorial Fund

There is no permanent endowment, but from time to time the Midland Figure Skating Club is the beneficiary of money donated in memory of a skater or a skater’s family, and a restricted fund has been established to accept these gifts. The Memorial Fund was established with monies donated in memory of Carl Mathews, one of the early founders of MFSC and a competitive skater whose career was interrupted by World War II. He became a USFSA judge and was an active adult skater; he died only moments after stepping off the ice during a dance session following a test session in Traverse City where he had been judging. It was decided that the Fund would be used “… to promote and advance the art and sport of figure skating, to foster the interest of the community therein, and to promote friendship and good fellowship among Club members” as stated in Article II of our Constitution, and as those who knew Carl believed he would have approved.

There have been many contributions since that start, and gifts may be made at any time, named in honor of a Club skater, current or past; in memory of an event such as the birth of a child or a championship won, etc.; or in memoriam. There are currently two programs supported by the Memorial Fund supported by the Memorial Fund; they are described below.

Donors may contribute to one of these or describe how they would like the gift to be used. MFSC is a Michigan nonprofit corporation and is designated 501(C) for tax purposes.

The Lewis E. Lloyd Memorial Skating Scholarships
This fund is named for Dr. Lewis E. Lloyd who started the Club together with his wife Lavan, and almost single handedly arranged to have the West Rink built in Central Park. He loved skating and taught group and private lessons as a volunteer and as a Professional until a few years before his death in 1987. He was very active in the drive to build the Civic Arena in 1976. Scholarships covering registration fees for Basic Skills and Advanced Basics skaters are awarded each year “in recognition of current and potential accomplishments in the sport of figure skating”. Skaters are nominated for these awards by Instructors in the Skate-With-U.S. programs.

The Skater Support Program
The Skater Support Program provides funds for MFSC skaters whose skating careers are hampered by lack of funds and who show promise. Skaters may be supported with purchases of skates, ice time in Midland, competition expense, skating costumes, etc. There is no skill level requirement, and nominations may be made, in writing, to the Board of Directors by any Club member aware of the need. The level of support will be as needed and may vary from skater to skater. All nominations are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

These donations may be used in support of MFSC programs at the discretion of the Board.


For information on how to donate to the MFSC Memorial Fund, please contact Karen Boswell.