Figure skating is unique from many sports in that skaters begin in group classes but transition into private lessons early on to begin developing mastery of the sport.  All skaters must transition to private lessons upon completing Basic 8, but many begin sooner than this.  There are a variety of reasons to begin private lessons while participating in the basic skills program, including:

*Receive help with a challenging skill
*Prepare for a test
*Participate in a competition
*Accelerate faster
*One-on-one attention

Many skaters will begin private lessons during basic skills to establish a relationship with a coach and receive guidance and mentorship.  Beginning private lessons is an exciting time for a skater.  Please visit the bio links below to learn about our professional instructors.


Arielle Peterson-Duranczyk

Hedi Allis – Synchronized Team

Melanie Black

Steve Hartsell

Teri Haag


Paige Bartholomew

Mollie Boswell

Sarah Miller

Kathleen Revard

Samantha Shiring Shriver


All MFSC coaches are members of United States Figure Skating and the Professional Skaters Association.  They have passed an annual background check and complete annual Continuing Education Requirements.

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If you need assistance choosing a coach or for more information, contact Skating Director Steve Hartsell at (248) 762-5201 or