Learn to Skate USA

MFSC follows the United States Figure Skating Learn to Skate USA curriculum, which teaches the fundamentals for all ice sports; figure, hockey and speed.  We offer classes for tots, K-12, and adults.


Group Classes

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Snowplow Sam Ages 4-6 Helmet Required March, Glide, Dip, Stop, Turn
Basic 1-6 Ages 4-17 Helmet Required <7 Stroke, Glide, Stop, Turn
Pre Free Skate Ages 4-17 Jump, Spin, Combine Elements
Adult 1-6 Ages 18+ Forward/Backward Skating, Glide, Stop, Turn


Skaters will be evaluated on the second to last day of each semester. They will receive an evaluation slip on the last day of the semester, indicating which skills have been successfully completed and which need improvement. Once all skills are completed for a given level, the skater will receive a badge and will move up to a new level.

Winter I 2017-18 Learn to Skate USA Class Schedule:

Day Time Class
Sunday 3:50-4:35 p.m. Learn to Skate USA
Tuesday 6:05-6:50 p.m. Learn to Skate USA
Thursday 6:05-6:50 p.m. Learn to Skate USA

Government Mandated Parent and Athlete Concussion Information Sheet (mandatory)