Ice Dance

Ice dance is a beautiful discipline consisting of graceful lines, deep flowing edges, and rhythmic music.  There are ice dance opportunities for solo skaters – both youth and adult, and dance teams.

Dancers must complete Compulsory Dance tests, which are set patterns performed to a predetermined musical beat.  These may be tested solo or with a partner.

Skaters may also take Free Dance tests, either for fun and skill development or to become eligible for partnered dance competition.

United States Figure Skating sponsors a Solo Dance Series, which consists of numerous competitions across the country where solo dancers can earn points based on placement.  Skaters attempt to qualify for Solo Dance Nationals, which are held in the fall in Colorado.  Solo dancers may compete in Compulsory Dance, Short Dance and/or Free Dance.

Skaters may team up for Competitive Dance at the Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior or Senior levels.  Adult dancers may compete at Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver or Gold at both non-qualifying competitions and Adult Nationals.