The skaters below have reached the summit of Figure Skating’s test structure.

Passing the Gold Singles test and the 15 tests that must precede it is a tremendously difficult task that requires years and years of dedicated work, and a great deal of skill. Only a small percentage of skaters can claim this great prize!

Skating Skills

These skaters have reached the pinnacle of the Skating Skills test structure.  

Skating Skills are the edges, turns and spirals that make up figure skating; the skating that takes place “in between” the jumps and the spins.

Ice Dance

These skaters have completed the ice dance test structure and achieved Gold Dance.  

Ice dance consists of set pattern dances performed to a variety of musical styles, including waltz, tango and foxtrot.  Reaching the top of any of the skating disciplines is a tremendous challenge; passing all 23 Dance tests requires great endurance as well as great skill.