We offer a variety of programs for all ages and skill levels!  Skaters can develop through group classes and individual instruction, and showcase their skill through testing, competition, and opportunities to perform in MFSC exhibitions (typically held in the Spring, late Summer, and in December).


Learn to Skate USA

Learn To Skate USA teaches the fundamentals of skating for all sports:  figure, hockey, and speed in a group setting.

Younger skaters new to the sport start in the Snowplow Sam curriculum, learning balance, coordination, and on-ice safety. Youth and adults proceed through Basic Skills levels, learning progressively more advanced skills and techniques according to a standard curriculum.


Aspire is intended as a bridge between Learn to Skate USA and full Club membership, allowing students to sample different skating opportunities in a fun, and affordable way, through small group settings.  Students advance their fundamental skating skills to improve speed, edge quality, and body awareness.


Singles Freestyle & Showcase

Singles Freestyle involves learning jumps and spings, and performing to music.  This is the discipline of skating "as seen on TV".   Skaters work 1-on-1 with a coach to expand on the fundamentals learned in Basic Skills and Aspire, and can advance through eight levels of testing.


Showcase is a form of individual Freestyle that emphasizes character and emotional protrayal through skating. Music, costumes, and even props can be used.


Skaters may choose to test only, or test and compete.  There are numerous non-qualifying competitions held throughout Michigan and the US.  Advanced skaters can compete in qualifying competitions, the senior levels of which culminate in World Championships and Olympic competition.

Ice Dancing

Ice Dancing is a beautiful discipline focused on graceful lines, deep flowing edges, and rhythmic music.  

Dancers complete Compulsory Dance tests, which are set patterns set to specific music, either solo or partnered. Skaters can also complete Free Dance tests, or compete in the USFS Solo Dance Series or team up to compete in Competitive Dance. There are also competition opportunities for adult skaters at a variety of skill levels.

Pair Skating

Pairs is an exciting discipline that combines jumps and spins of singles free skating with daring acrobatic elements.  A pair consists of a male and female partner performing a routine to music.


The team will perform elements in unison (called side-by-side elements), and will work together to deliver a cohesive and entertaining program. 


Synchronized Skating

Synchronized skating consists of 8-20 skaters performing a choreographed routine to music.  Teamwork, speed, intricate formations and challenging step sequences are highly valued.


Depending on interest, At MFSC, youth team(s) perform under the name Nexus, while our adult team(s) are called Turning Points.  


In addition to competitions, our synchro team(s) participate in our annual club exhibitions.


Interested skaters should contact Duane Boswell.

Theatre on Ice

Ice Theater combines the grace of figure skating with the excitement of live theater and dance.  Sets, props, and costumes are used together with music and choreography to tell the story.


The Midland Misfits were founded in 2018 to welcome skaters of all levels from across the region to have fun, build confidence, and explore their creative side in a safe and supportive environment.


Those interested in the Misfits or Youth Theater opportunities in the area should contact Coach Melanie.

High School Team

Several skaters from MFSC participate on the Midland Area High School Skating Team.  The team competes at 3 District competitions between December and February, and often qualify for the State Championships in March.


There are three levels:

A Team:  Intermediate Freestyle / Novice Moves (& higher)
B Team:  Must not have passed IntermediateFS or NoviceMIF
C Team:  Must not have passed PreliminaryFS or Pre-JuvenileMIF


Interested skaters should contact Coach Teri for information.


Hockey players wishing to improve their stance, stride,speed, and agility can participate in Hockey Skills through our Learn to Skate USA, or work one-on-one with a skating coach to address their individual needs.